How Do I Flash Freeze My Food

Separate the food into individual pieces to prepare for IQF.


The process of flash freezing your food is simple and just takes a little bit of extra prep time. Below, we outline the best way to flash freeze your food.

If your food needs washed or rinsed, do so first. Products such as fresh fruit may need to be cleaned and have their stems removed before freezing.

Separate the food into individual pieces to prepare for IQF.

Place the food on a large baking sheet or tray to prepare for freezing. Ensure that the edges of the food are not touching to make sure they don’t stick together.

Place the foods into a blast chiller, IQF freezer, or regular freezer.

Once fully frozen, remove the food from the sheet or tray and place it into freezer safe storage containers or bags.

Label the container or bag and return the food to the freezer. Your food is now flash frozen!

Remove individually frozen food portions as needed from the freezer.

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